Sophia became a little ballerina at the age of 3. When she first joined Strictly Dance, she was terrified, yet so excited to be set free. This was her first experience spreading her wings into this world as an independent little dancer. Today, she has a beautiful calming stride as she holds her head up high with confidence and independence. Not only has Strictly Dance and their amazing staff supported my daughter as she grows gracefully as an individual but it has also taught me as a mother; Praise your children, and they will blossom. Words of great wisdom that has stuck with me since the first day I walked into that studio. Thank you to the amazing staff, parents and dancers for their continuous support as my little girl strives for the stars.

Fadilah and Her Little Ballerina Sophia

My daughter has been attending Strictly Dance for the past 6 years. It’s not just the dancing that keeps us coming back: the family atmosphere that Mrs. Julia maintains is reassuring and genuine, as is the positive female role model culture that young girls need these days. As always we look forward to the entertaining recitals full of talent each June!

Angie Vlahos

We are about to begin our family’s fifth dance season with Strictly Dance and we couldn’t be more excited! From the first time we walked into the studio we were impressed by their welcoming attitude and their willingness to help in any way they could. It was for these reasons and many more that now as our daughter enters her 5th year we have grown to feel as if we are part of a family. We couldn’t be more grateful to all the teachers who have instilled a love of dance and commitment in our daughter and in all of the students…each one being the nicest girl you would want to meet. Our daughter is learning lifelong positive lessons while developing lifelong friendships. Strictly dance is more than a dance studio it has become a 2nd home.

Stacey Ramsay