About Strictly Dance

Upon your first visit, you will be greeted by smiling faces from our friendly staff. They will answer any questions you have and will help you get ready to dance!

At Strictly Dance every child benefits from quality dance training. Through dance our students learn the value of discipline, commitment and work ethic while gaining self-confidence. All these skills enhance a child’s academic performance, as well as their physical well-being. Dance teaches the importance of movement and fitness in a variety of ways through a variety of disciplines. We believe dancing is a great activity to pursue at any age.

Dance is a great way to build valuable social skills. Much more importantly, it is an opportunity to teach your children the importance of being a part of something larger than themselves. Dancers learn to take turns, to share attention and to cooperate with others as they work within a group. These are lessons they will take with them as they continue to grow and mature. At Strictly Dance we want to be a part of your child’s life.