Our Mission

To empower students of all ages, abilities, races and orientations to personally grow and boldly connect through dance. Rooted in an atmosphere of support and inclusion, our team of industry professionals teach heart-first to provide a safe space for students to step into confidence both on and off the studio floor. As the tight grip of COVID-19 loosens, Strictly Dance is the place to reconnect — to joy, to one’s own self and spirit, and to the rhythm of the community.

“As we are finishing up our third year at Strictly Dance, two of them being on the part-time competitive team, I would like to say thank you to the amazing teachers. My daughter is 6 years old and it is very difficult to get her to leave the studio once she is there. In a very short time, her teachers at Strictly Dance have helped her come out of her shell. I myself have learned so much about my own child through watching her dance. She was very shy when we started, but I now see a hard-working, determined, confident little girl that clearly loves dancing. The older students are also amazing! They are so helpful with the little ones and help out in any way they can. Thank you again to the teachers at Strictly Dance for believing in a little girl and helping her be the best she can be!” 

Leanne Neal

I have been a competitive dancer at Strictly Dance for so many years, I can’t even remember when I first started. There are many ways to describe Strictly Dance, but there aren’t enough words to properly give it justice. The way I usually describe the studio is a home and a family away from my own. A lot of my childhood was spent here, growing alongside the rest of my team. The one thing I can say for sure is that no matter the day, I can come here to feel safe. The teachers are more then accommodating and welcoming to everyone who steps in the door. They’ve given me so much support and advice over the years and I can’t thank them enough. The people that I’ve met here are especially amazing. My dance friends, I know I’ll have for life. I know that wherever I got after high school, I’ll still have a home at Strictly Dance. 

Madison Schmidt

Our Son has been dancing at Strictly Dance for the past three years and we are very pleased with the quality of teaching our son has received. The dance teachers bring out the passion he has for dance while developing proper technique, instilling discipline, while knowing the importance of making it fun.

In addition to providing a high calibre of dance education, Strictly Dance is a family friendly studio and we love how fun the staff are. Our son has grown under there care, he loves dancing and has gained tremendous confidence in performing on stage. The performances are greatly choreographed and are a joy for me and my family to watch.

If you want your children to learn and love dance, then Strictly dance is the perfect studio for you and your family.

Christine Pereira-Marques

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211 Armstrong Avenue, Georgetown, Ontario