As many of you know, I had the amazing opportunity to attend The Hollywood Summer Tour this year. When I first received the scholarship at Inspire Dance Challenge, I was so excited to even be considered for the award. But, like many scholarships competitions give out, it was $500 off of a program that will basically break the bank even with the discount. I never thought to look into the program until one of my competitors from that competition messaged me on social media saying “Hey, we should go for this!” So long story short, the price was not as bad as I thought, so I decided to start a GoFundMe page to raise money hoping to be able to learn from the best in LA.

I was going into the program thinking I would take some classes in some cool looking studios and become a better dancer physically, but this was not the case. I am coming back to the studio as an improved, inspired dancer physically and mentally. The tour consisted of many inspiring seminars, master classes and Q&A sessions that answered my biggest question, how can I make dance my career? Learning about the life of a commercial dancer from the perspective of dancers, choreographers, directors, and agencies themselves, has inspired me to put all my time and dedication into making my dream come true. I have left the trip with so many great experiences. You will be able to see me as a backup dancer for Danielle Cohn in her new music video that is expected to go viral when released. I can also say I’ve taken class from some of the biggest names in the commercial dance industry (Carmit Bachar, Brian Freedman, Chris Scott, Menina Fortunato, and G Madison to name a few!) I also have new headshots and a resume to use when I audition for jobs in the commercial dance industry.

So what now? I am looking into signing with a Toronto dance and acting agency to jump-start my career and I will be taking classes as much as I can all around Ontario to better myself as a dancer. I will also be working on my choreography through my school dance program, and staying in touch with friends I have met from all around the world. I would just like to thank my Strictly Dance family for all the support, from the donations on GoFundMe to the constant words of encouragement. I would also like to thank all of my teachers for the amazing training, I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you. If anyone has the opportunity to attend this program like I did, I highly recommend going! You will walk out 10 times the dancer you were before, and feel so humbled and inspired. Looking forward to a great season with you all!